Coupled Social-Ecological Systems, June 1-19, 2020

Ensuring the continued delivery of valuable benefits marine ecosystems provide, and contributing to sustainability more broadly, requires understanding the diverse interactions that shape social-ecological systems. Researchers interested in contributing to marine conservation and management need to be fluent in multiple disciplines to achieve and apply this understanding. In this Summer 2020 field course at the Darling Marine Center, students will gain interdisciplinary knowledge and skills for studying coastal social-ecological systems and contributing to their sustainability. This 3-week field-intensive course is equivalent to a three-credit graduate level course. Contact the instructors for details.

Instructors: Kara Pellowe and Heather Leslie, University of Maine

  • Please register online before April 15
  • Workshop dates: June 1-19, 2020
  • Workshop Fee:
    • Option 1 (residential): Includes double occupancy room & board (including weekends)-arrive before dinner May 31 through the end of the workshop on June 19
      • Cost: $2,200
    •  Option 2 (commuter): Includes lunch Monday-Friday from June 1-19
      • Cost $1,000
  • Workshop size: 12 participants
  • Travel tips and driving directions
  • The workshop begins promptly at 8:30am Tuesday morning and concludes 4:30pm Friday afternoon. We recommend arriving Sunday and departing Friday evening, if you wish to make alternative plans please Matt Norwood
  • If you intend to take this workshop for graduate credit though the University of Maine please contact your instructor
    • Credit possible: 3- graduate level credits as SMS 598, university tuition would be in addition to the workshop fee
  • For more information about the DMC, accommodations, and workshop logistics, please contact Matt Norwood 

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