COVID-19 Management

The Darling Marine Center COVID-19 Management Plan, approved by the University’s Emergency Operations Center, enables approved researchers and other employees to safely conduct and support on-campus research.* 

If you are visiting campus, or hosting a visitor, please first read our Visitor Policy. All visitors from outside Maine must be pre-approved by the DMC Facilities Emergency Coordination Team. 

For us to continue to operate during the pandemic, every person on campus must follow the protocols detailed in the plan, including but not limited to:

  1. Completing this Checklist before beginning work on campus.
  2. Signing in at the DMC website, before arriving on campus. Everyone, including both residents and visitors, must do this, every time they come to campus.
  3. Wearing a face covering.
  4. Scheduling on campus work, including on weekends, with your supervisor and lab scheduler.
  5. Sanitizing your work area before and after working.

These and other critical COVID-19 management measures are communicated to staff, students and researchers through pre-return and ongoing training sessions. For more information on these and other required safety trainings, please contact Laboratory Manager Tim Miller.


* Public and education programs are limited this fall and must abide by the Darling Marine Center Education & Public Programs Policy, which is part of the approved plan. Please direct questions about current and planned programs to Matt Norwood, DMC Programs & Communications Manager.