Broadening the Reach of Ocean Science

Within the Darling Marine Center exists an organization whose mission is to broaden the impacts of scientific research to a wide range of audiences: educators (formal and informal), undergraduate and graduate students, and the general public. Broadening the Reach of Ocean Science investigates issues in educational research that pertain to pedagogy, practice, and the learning process. User feedback has reinforced the desire for interactive products and processes that highlight fundamental concepts as well as their “big picture” connections in science. As a result, the center is constantly creating and evaluating tools that highlight basic science concepts and can be readily applied to other disciplines.

To help advance ocean literacy and to better understand and disseminate scientific research, we:

  • Offer a variety of free public webinars to help scientists and science content reach broader audiences. Learn more at our webinars page.
  • CLIMB_homepageUse concept mapping to help scientists and educators better understand scientific research and why it is important for society to be scientifically literate. Create your own map on our CLIMB website.
  • Publish concept maps from scientists and educators on a wide variety of topics. See examples in our Public Maps gallery!
  • Offer innovative online instruction with a pilot graduate course taking place this Fall, 2014: “Broaden the Impacts of Your Research.” Learn more by visiting our College Courses page.
  • Build and train educator-scientist teams who work together to distinguish meaningful “key messages” from ocean science research that can be disseminated to a wide range of audiences. Learn more at our workshops page .
  • Partner with NASA researchers and instructional designers to showcase earth system concepts through an ocean science lens. Learn more at

DSCN2369_editAs a collaborative team, we are always looking for ways to expand upon these projects and to more effectively integrate ocean science concepts and resources into engaging online delivery systems.

In this way, we are able to make the ocean and all it encompasses more relevant to everyone, no matter how far they live from the coast.
For more information, or to inquire about opportunities to collaborate, please contact our Director, Annette deCharon.