SBS Housing and Dining Agreement

If you will be participating in the 2023 Semester By the Sea program, please complete this form no later than May 1, 2023.

Room and board for the 2023 Semester By the Sea program at the Darling Marine Center are estimated to be $6259 ($3009 for a double room and $3250 for the required meal plan). It is anticipated that the majority of students will be housed in triples, in which case the triple room will cost $2407).

These room and board rates are the same as on the main campus and adhere to the same terms and conditions noted in the Room and Board License posted at This agreement is for the Fall Semester only, late August through December 2023. Residents staying in the Darling Marine Center dormitory must act in accordance with the code of conduct and policies of UMaine’s Residential Life. The following terms and conditions are highlighted as they apply specifically to residents of the DMC dorm.

Room and board charges will appear on your UMaine account in late summer.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only undergraduate and graduate students, visiting scientists and course participants are permitted to live in DMC housing.
  2. Unless prior arrangements have been made, rooms are available for occupancy 24 hours prior to the first day of classes at the DMC, and must be vacated within 24 hours of the last day of classes/exams.
  3.  Upon arrival, residents will receive a key to their room. If this key is not returned upon departure you will be charged $85.00 for a lock replacement.
  4. The University provides no insurance for personal possessions. Students must have their own insurance or be included under their family’s insurance policy.
  5. The University reserves the right to make room assignments and in its sole discretion, to make reassignments of rooms for the benefit of the University. At times it may be necessary to house occupants in emergency spaces. Occupants will be made aware, upon occupancy, their assignments are temporary. They will be given a minimum of 48 hours to move when permanent assignments are made.
  6. The occupant agrees that rooms shall be used only as student living rooms and that no commercial operations shall be carried on therein except as provided under license issued by the University.
  7. The occupant agrees to comply with all rules and regulations of the University of Maine and of the Darling Marine Center. Occupants in violation of the terms and conditions of this contract shall be charged accordingly and/or asked to vacate his/her room. These rules include:
    • No pets, toasters, hot plates, candles, incense.
    • No nails, tacks, or tape on walls and doors.
    • No microwave ovens and only one small “cube” refrigerator per dorm room.
    • Fireworks are not allowed on DMC property.
    • Alcohol is not allowed in public areas the dining hall and fire-pit picnic area, without appropriate permits. Persons 21 years of age or older are allowed to consume alcohol in your housing unit.
    • Marijuana possession and use, regardless of form, is prohibited. This includes medical marijuana because of our federal funding.
    • University of Maine, including the Darling Marine Center, is a tobacco-free campus. Tobacco use by definition includes the possession of any lighted tobacco products or the use of any type of smokeless tobacco.
  8.  The University reserves the right to inspect residence hall rooms, apartments and suites for health and safety reasons without notice. An inspection may not include a search of the occupant’s effects without his/her expressed consent except by law enforcement officers with a legal search warrant, or if in plain view. Darling Marine Center authorized routine and emergency repairs may be made during the normal working day without notice according to residence hall procedures.
  9. Occupants assigned to a given room will be held financially responsible for damage beyond normal wear and tear to the room and its furnishings if responsibility is not otherwise placed.
  10. Occupants assigned to a given hall will be financially accountable for damage in common rooms such as lounges, corridors, bathrooms, stairwells, etc. where excessive or frequent damage occurs and responsibility is not placed. The Darling Marine Center reserves the right to hold the occupants of an entire section, floor, or hall responsible for such damages.
  11. The University of Maine shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation or citizenship status, disability or veteran status.  The University will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities upon request.

2023 SBS Residence Hall and Dining Agreement

  • Before you begin

    Review all information at: and understand that DMC residents are expected to act in accordance with the code of conduct and policies outlined in the University of Maine’s Residential Life Student Handbook.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Housing

  • The Darling Marine Center offers dormitory housing for Semester By the Sea students. Most students will be housed in triple occupancy rooms and some will be housed in double-occupancy rooms. These assignments depend upon availability. The estimated cost of each room type are below. Upon arrival you will receive a key to your dorm room. If this key is not returned at the end of the semester, you will be charged $85 for a lock replacement.
  • Used for housing assignments
  • We do our best to accommodate roommate preferences but CANNOT guarantee it. If entering the name of specific preferred roommates, ensure that all three of you enter this information. We will only consider requests where all students have made matched requests.
  • We have limited housing availability this semester and most students will be in triples. We will do our best to meet the needs of each student. If you need to request housing accommodations please follow instructions at: If you have questions specific to the DMC facilities, please let us know here or contact the DMC Programs Manager at Please also let us know here so that we can follow up with Student Accessibility Services.
  • Dining

  • The Darling Marine Center offers one residential meal plan for Semester By the Sea students which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner daily Monday through Friday, and brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. Limited food and beverage items may be provided for after hour snacks. There are no cooking facilities in the dorm rooms. There is no cash allowance for off-campus food purchases. There is no cash allowance added on your Maine Card. The cost of this meal plan for the 2023 fall semester is $3250.
  • Please let us know if you prefer vegetarian entrees or have any dietary restrictions or allergies, e.g., dietary allergies, vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, religious restrictions, etc. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, within our ability to do so.
  • This helps our dining staff learn a bit about what you all like to eat.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.