picture of Damian BradyDr. Damian C. Brady

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Delaware, 2008

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Research Interests: Water quality modeling, individual-based modeling, behavioral ecology, and ecophysiology of fish.

Dr. Heather LeslieHeather Leslie

Director, Darling Marine Center
Associate Professor, School of Marine Sciences
Ph.D. Oregon State University

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Research interests: coastal marine ecology; human-environment linkages, particularly those related to coastal areas; and the design and evaluation of marine management strategies.

Picture of Larry Mayer Dr. Larry Mayer

Agatha B. Darling Professor of Oceanography, School of Marine Sciences
Ph.D. Dartmouth, 1976

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Research interests: marine biogeochemistry, bioavailability of nutritional and toxic materials and implications for carbon and nutrient cycling.

Dr. Jeremy RichDr. Jeremy Rich

Assistant Professor of Marine Microbiology
Ph.D. Oregon State University

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Research interests: Microbial ecology with a focus on the global nitrogen cycle; sediment and water column biogeochemistry; anoxic/oxic gradients; hydrothermal vents; the Antarctic

Picture of Dr. Jeff RungeDr. Jeff Runge

Professor, School of Marine Sciences
Ph.D. University of Washington

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Research interests:  Biological-Physical Interactions, Fisheries Sciences, Marine Invertebrate Zoology, Biological Oceanography

Picture of Bob SteneckDr. Bob Steneck

Professor, School of Marine Sciences
Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University, 1982

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Research interests: ecology, evolutionary biology, fisheries oceanography, plant-herbivore interactions

Picture of Rick WahleDr. Rick Wahle

Research Professor, School of Marine Sciences
Ph.D., Zoology, University of Maine, 1990

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Research Interests: benthic ecology, fisheries science

Picture of Rhian WallerDr. Rhian Waller

Associate Professor
Ph.D. Southampton Oceanography Center, UK, 2004

Waller Lab Website

Research Interests: Invertebrate reproduction and larval development, deep-sea biology, cold-water corals, biogeography, larval dispersal and population connectivity

Emeriti, Affiliated, and Adjunct Faculty

Picture of Kevin EckelbargerDr. Kevin Eckelbarger

Professor Emeritus, School of Marine Sciences
Ph.D. Northeastern University, 1974

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Research interests: reproductive and developmental biology of marine invertebrates; deep-sea biology

Picture of Lew InczeDr. Lewis Incze

Research Professor Emeritus, School of Marine Sciences
Ph.D. University of Washington, 1983

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Research interests: Marine ecology; coupling of physical and biological processes in marine population distributions and dynamics; biodiversity, conservation, and ecosystem functioning; ocean observing; climate change; ocean and marine resource management; science and society.

Pictreu of Pete JumarsDr. Pete Jumars

Professor Emeritus, School of Marine Sciences
Ph.D. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 1974

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Research interests: Benthos, benthic oceanography, biological-physical interactions, bioacoustics

picture of rich langtonDr. Rich Langton

Adjunct Professor, School of Marine Sciences,
Research Fishery Biologist, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service


Research interests: Fisheries and benthic ecology, aquaculture

Picture of Warren RiessDr. Warren Riess

Research Associate Professor Emeritus, School of Marine Sciences and Department of History
Ph.D. University of New Hampshire, 1987


Research interests: maritime history and archaeology

Picture of Les WatlingDr. Les Watling

Professor Emeritus, School of Marine Sciences
Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation
Ph.D. Delaware, 1974


Research interests: benthic ecology, taxonomy