Bloom Plankton Hitches Rides on Eddies

School of Marine Science researchers based at the DMC, Mary Jane Perry, Ivona Cetinić and Nathan Briggs, are part of a team of researchers studying the North Atlantic Spring Bloom. Their most recent discovery is a mechanism–eddies–by which particulate organic carbon (phytoplankton) from the surface waters are pumped deep into the ocean. Their discovery was published this week in Science:

Eddy-driven subduction exports particulate organic carbon from the spring bloom. Melissa M. Omand, Eric A. D’Asaro, Craig M. Lee, Mary Jane Perry, Nathan Briggs, Ivona Cetinić, and Amala Mahadevan. Science 1260062. Published online 26 March 2015 [DOI:10.1126/science.1260062]

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