The DMC is closely associated with the University’s School of Marine Sciences (SMS). Fourteen SMS faculty are in residence at the DMC. Focal research themes include aquaculture and marine fisheries; biogeochemistry and microbial ecology; conservation science and policy; invertebrate biology and biodiversity; marine archeology; and remote sensing, phytoplankton ecology, and ocean optics.

Throughout the year, visiting researchers and students from throughout the University of Maine System, the state and the nation use the DMC as a platform for investigating a wide range of terrestrial, coastal marine, and estuarine themes. The DMC is one of the core research sites for the NSF-funded SEANET program, and also contributes to other marine monitoring networks.

The DMC also is home to the Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence – Ocean Systems. COSEE-Ocean Systems (OS) was established to improve COSEE’s impact on rural and inland communities by creating tools that broaden understanding of the oceans, and is one of 12 Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) and is funded by the National Science Foundation.