Waller, Oppenheim and Bayer receive awards!

Jesica Waller, Noah Oppenheim and Skylar Bayer, graduate students at the Darling Maine Center, have received awards and recognition from the University of Maine. All three students are in UMaine’s School of Marine Sciences and are advisees of Dr. Rick Wahle.

UMaine’s College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture (NSFA) presented Noah Oppenheim with the George F. Dow Graduate Scholarship and Skylar Bayer with the Outstanding Service Award. Bayer also received the Janet Waldron Doctoral Research Fellowship. Read more about these awards and recipients at the NSFA website.

Jesica Waller received a 2015-2016 Canadian-American Center Fellowship from the UMaine Canadian-American Center for her research on how lobster larvae will respond to climate change and ocean acidification on the developmental and genetic level.

Congratulations All!