SBS Course Descriptions

picture of faculty and student setting otter trawl

SMS 491 – Problems in Marine Science – Marine Fisheries Ecology

SMS 491 – Marine Fisheries Ecology is offered as part of the Semester-by-the-Sea Program at UMaine’s Darling Marine Center (DMC). The course takes advantage of DMC laboratory facilities, the proximity to mid-coast Maine’s coastal fisheries, and small class size to introduce key concepts and practical field methods in marine fisheries science.  The course will integrate […]

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SMS 470: Microbial Ecology

Microbes – Bacteria, Archaea, viruses and single celled Eukaryotes – are the most diverse group of organisms on Earth. Microbes underlie the ecological function of every ecosystem, and are wonderfully mysterious and exciting to study. This field and lab based course will introduce students to methods used to investigate microbial diversity and habitats, while emphasizing […]

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SMS 484: Estuarine Oceanography

The course examines the principles of oceanography as seen in estuaries, with emphases on land-sea interactions and human impacts. We address how geomorphology, rivers, tides, and human alterations control the physical and biological properties of estuarine water column and benthic habitats. Fieldwork in mid-coast Maine estuaries includes visits to various habitat types, especially those with […]

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SMS 483: Ecology of Zooplankton and Ichthyoplankton

This course presents the world of zooplankton, how we study it and our current understanding of zooplankton’s role in marine ecosystems. Students receive training in taxonomy and identification, sampling techniques and measurement of rate processes used in determining zooplankton fluxes and population dynamics. Fundamental concepts about biodiversity, trophic ecology, population dynamics, recruitment, and the influence […]

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picture of invert zoo students

SMS 480: Invertebrates of the Maine Coast

Most of the biodiversity of the world is made up of small to medium-sized invertebrates that represent 97% of all the animals on the planet. About 1-2-million invertebrates have been described with an estimated 30-million remaining to be discovered. Invertebrates can be divided into approximately 35 basic body plans and they can be found in […]

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picture of marine ecology students

SMS 352: Marine Ecology

This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of ecology using the patterns, processes and mechanisms that are observable in the rocky intertidal zone of Maine. There is no better classroom for the study of organisms in their environment (i.e., for the study of ecology). Organisms that are highly diverse in terms of their physiological […]

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SMS 350: SBS Undergraduate Seminar

During informal sessions students will be assisted in planning a career following college graduation including preparing a curriculum vitae, applying for jobs, handling interviews, and applying to graduate school. In the latter instance, students will learn how to select graduate schools and advisors, preparing applications, and setting a course towards a career as a professional […]

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Picture of scuba divers

SMS 324: Introduction to Research Diving

Students will be instructed in advanced diving, dive rescue, oxygen administration, and underwater research techniques. Practical field diving activities will be a large focus of the course. The course will be taught by the UMaine Diving Safety Officer, selected UMaine faculty, and guest lecturers experienced in using scuba diving as a research tool.  Following successful […]

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