SBS Course Descriptions

SMS 450: Observing marine ecosystems: A field course in measurement and instrumentation

This five day, field-intensive course will be offered in multiple sections: once in June 2021 and three times in Sept. and Oct. 2021. This one-credit course offers hands-on instruction in instruments and methods for measuring biological and physical variables associated with observing change in marine ecosystems. Students will arrive on Monday morning for course orientation, […]

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SMS 484: Estuarine Oceanography

The course examines the principles of oceanography as seen in estuaries, with emphases on land-sea interactions and human impacts. We address how geomorphology, rivers, tides, and human alterations control the physical and biological properties of estuarine water column and benthic habitats. Fieldwork in mid-coast Maine estuaries includes visits to various habitat types, especially those with […]

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picture of invert zoo students

SMS 480: Invertebrates of the Maine Coast

Most of the biodiversity of the world is made up of small to medium-sized invertebrates that represent 97% of all the animals on the planet. About 1-2-million invertebrates have been described with an estimated 30-million remaining to be discovered. Invertebrates can be divided into approximately 35 basic body plans and they can be found in […]

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Picture of scuba divers

SMS 324: Introduction to Research Diving

Students will be instructed in advanced diving, dive rescue, oxygen administration, and underwater research techniques. Practical field diving activities will be a large focus of the course. The course will be taught by the UMaine Diving Safety Officer, selected UMaine faculty, and guest lecturers experienced in using scuba diving as a research tool.  Following successful […]

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