Aquaculture Experiment Station

Two 2023 Summer Internships Available, to contribute to the DMC Aquaculture Experiment Station and related ecological research

Time Commitment: 

  • 30 hours/week: Experimental Aquaculture Site Technician
  • 10 hours/week: Independent Biofouling Research

Description: Commercial Maine aquaculture growers expend considerable time, labor, and capital into controlling settlement of unwanted organisms, ie. biofouling, on gear.  While surface culture for oysters are capable of using desiccation for biofouling control, suspended culture is considerably more difficult to control settling organisms during the summer months.  These positions will split time between two tasks.  First, the interns will be trained and work with other interns as a technician for the Darling Marine Center Experimental Aquaculture Station (DMC EAS) under the supervision of advisor Prof. Damian Brady.  Previous aquaculture experience is not required.

Key duties will include:

  • Managing organisms grown at the DMC EAS
  • Aquaculture gear maintenance, cleaning, and deployment
  • Controlling biofouling which includes: restocking nets, pressure washing gear, associated tasks
  • Managing and ensuring that all active experimental setups are adequately cared for and given proper attention      
  • Assisting local partner farms when necessary
  • Assist with laboratory data collection related to monitoring of the DMC EAS lease site.

The second task will involve conducting independent experimental research at the DMC EAS and providing a poster and written report at the conclusion of the internship as part of a Center-wide research symposium. Week 2 and week 3 will set up various projects relating to biofouling control, underwater adhesives, and intertidal lease gear with interns managing all projects but can choose to focus on their project of interest.


    • This position is highly physical and will require long hours, on vessels, and potentially in inclement weather.
    • While interns will not exceed 40 hours of work per week, certain days will begin as early as 3:30 am and require driving to further sites.
    • Interns are expected to collaborate and work with other aquaculture site technicians
  • Preferred: Students enrolled in the Fall 2023 Semester-by-the-Sea program

Contact & Timeline for Hire: Chris Noren ( as soon as possible

Job Specifications:

Pay: $15.80/hour

Housing Possible, pending availability

Employment Period: No earlier than May 22, 2023 and no later than August 17. 2023, with potential for extension through fall SBS Semester