Diving into Shellfish Aquaculture

Diving into Shellfish Aquaculture is an intensive, hands-on workshop intended to familiarize students with practical methods used to cultivate commercially important bivalve mollusks including oysters, mussels, clams and scallops. Students will become familiar with bivalve hatchery methods, algae production and measuring water quality. Students will be exposed to upweller and nursery operations and visit commercial oyster, mussel and clam farms. An emphasis on identification of optimal aquaculture sites will include extensive use of instrumentation, GIS and field survey methods. The regulations such as leasing, permitting, public health and biosecurity will also be addressed.  

Instructor: Chris Davis, University of Maine & Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center

  • Workshop dates: June 26-30, 2023.
  • The workshop begins promptly at 8:30am Monday morning and concludes 4:30pm Friday afternoon.
  • Workshop Fee:
    • Option 1 (residential): Includes double occupancy room & board
      • We recommend arriving before dinner on Sunday, June 25th, and staying until the end of the workshop on Friday, June 30th. If you need to make alternative plans please contact the DMC staff.
      • Cost: $960
    • Option 2 (commuter): Includes lunch Monday-Friday from June 26-30.
      • Cost $625
  • Workshop size: 13 participants.
  • Travel tips and driving directions.
  • If taken for credit, University of Maine tuition is due in addition to the workshop fee, by permission of the instructor. Please complete the registration form above and contact jfeero@maine.edu for more information on how to register with UMaine.
  • For more information about the DMC, accommodations and workshop logistics, please contact the DMC staff.