2023 Student Research Fund Request

Thanks to many generous donors, we have financial resources to help support undergraduate research at the DMC.

Student research funds will be awarded for interns who will be actively engaged in a DMC-based research project. The intern is required to receive all safety training related to their project via their named faculty advisor. If the student is to take part in other research, whether with other members of the faculty’s laboratory or with other projects at the DMC, the faculty advisor is responsible for ensuring all safety training has been completed for those tasks as well.

To request stipend funds and/or housing support for summer interns, please complete the form to the left no later than March 1st for full consideration. Complete a separate form for each request. For example, if you need funds for three interns, please complete this form three times, once for each position.

All students receiving DMC Student Researcher Funds are expected to submit a report detailing their activities by August 20, 2023. The faculty mentor is responsible for ensuring that this report is submitted, and also that the intern understands their responsibilities in working at the DMC, including prompt payment for on campus housing, if relevant.

We will use the available funds to support the greatest number of student researchers possible.


-If you anticipate interns will require DMC housing you will also need to compete a follow up Intern Housing Request Form, which will be sent to all supervisors via email.

-If laboratory, office and other resources are required please contact the DMC Laboratory Manager.