Undergraduate Science Communication Volunteers

We are recruiting a select number of undergraduate volunteers to contribute to Darling Marine Center science communication and outreach activities this fall. Successful applicants will develop expertise as a DMC tour guide; draft Center-related social media posts; or write articles for local and regional print and online media outlets.

The initial volunteer commitment is four weeks, with an opportunity for renewal for another four weeks. There is the possibility of formal internships or paid positions next summer, depending on how this experimental program develops.

To apply for one of these positions, please answer the following questions and provide a writing sample (equivalent to 2 to 20 pp of double spaced text) to lhealy@maine.edu by Tuesday, September 15 at 5 PM. If you have writing that was targeted to a popular audience, that is preferable to an academic paper. Blog posts, if professional in tone, are acceptable samples.

We are excited to work with SBSers to develop this program and look forward to receiving your applications! If you have questions, please email Heather.Leslie@maine.edu.

Sincerely, Heather Leslie, Linda Healy and & Rhian Waller