General Contact Information
Darling Marine Center phone: 207.563.8144
University of Maine from the Orono campus: 207.581.3321
193 Clarks Cove Road email:
Walpole, ME 04573

Faculty In Residence e-mail DMC office Orono ext.
Dr. Damian Brady 563.8102 581.5117
Dr. Margaret Estapa 563.8176 581.5176
Dr. Gregory Gerbi 563.8184 581.5184
Dr. Heather Leslie, Director 563.8299 581.5299
Dr. Jeremy Rich 563.8302 581.5302
Dr. Jeff Runge 563.8239 581.5288
Dr. Bob Steneck 563.8315 581.5315
Dr. Rick Wahle 563.8297 581.5297
Dr. Rhian Waller 563.8310 581.5310

Affiliates In Residence
e-mail DMC office Orono ext.
Dr. Kevin Eckelbarger 563.8230 581.5230
Dr. Michael Horst  563.8358 581.5358
Dr. Lewis Incze 563.8192 581.5192
Dr. Richard Langton
Dr. Larry Mayer 563.8120 581.5118
Dr. Paul Rawson 563.8250 581.4326
Dr. Warren Riess 563.8177 581.5177
Dr. Les Watling

Affiliates Not In Residence  e-mail Orono ext. 
Dr. Emmanuel Boss 581.4378
Dr. Walt Golet 228-1671
Dr. Pete Jumars
Dr. Lee Karp-Boss 581.4305
Dr. Sarah Kingston
Dr. Kara Pellowe
Dr. Mark Wells
Dr. Phil Yund

Business Incubator Labs
e-mail DMC office Orono ext.
Aquaculture Development Services, Inc; Heads & Tails Chris Maloney 

Postdoctoral Fellows e-mail DMC office Orono ext.
Dr. Wei Liu
Dr. Kaitlyn Haynal Allen

Graduate Students e-mail DMC office Orono ext.
Alexander Ascher 563.8291 581.5291
Melissa Britsch
Struan Coleman
Sarah Doudera
Shane Farrell
Rene Francolini
Andrew Goode
Sydney Greenlee
Gabrielle Hillyer
Ruth Indrick
Robert Jarrett
Phoebe Jekielek
Julia Johnstone 563.8185
Nicholas Keeney
Tom Kiffney
Evelyn Layland
Cassie Leeman
Kate Liberti 563.8179
Matthew Nixon
Kyle Oliveria
Nicole Orminski
Emily Pierce
Rachel Presley 563-8325 581-5325
Jessica Reilly-Moman
Sarah Risley
Jennifer Smith-Mayo
Samuel Tan

Research Staff e-mail DMC office Orono ext.
Kristyn Kleman 563.8291 581.5291
Elisabeth Maxwell
Sean O’Neill 563.8325
Kathleen Thornton 563.8124 581.5124

Aquaculture Research Institute e-mail DMC office  Orono ext.
Meggan Dwyer
Adam St. Gelais

Lobster Institute e-mail DMC office Orono ext. 
Chris Cash 563.8135 581.1443
Dr. Rick Wahle 563.8297 581.5297

Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center e-mail DMC office Orono ext. 
Dr. Chris Davis

Sea Grant Extension e-mail DMC office Orono ext.
Dana Morse 563.8186 581.5186

DMC Staff e-mail DMC office Orono ext.
Jon Angell, Kitchen 563.3831
Kenny Bickford, Maintenance
Robbie Downs, Boat Captain 563.8306 581.5306
Tim Miller, Laboratory Manager 563.8330 581.5330
Matt Norwood, Programs & Communications Manager 563.8220 581.5220
Lisa Ouellette,
Administrative Specialist 563.8202 581.5202
Chris Rigaud, Dive Safety Officer 563.8273 581-5273
Allen Spinney, Maintenance 563.8137