Darling Marine Center to Host Annual Science Seminars

On Friday July 15 the University of Maine Darling Marine Center will kick off its seminar series with Dr. Heather Leslie who will present on the challenges and opportunities of engaged research. Leslie who is Director of the UMaine Darling Marine Center and Professor of the UMaine School of Marine Sciences will provide an update on the programs and people active at the Darling Marine Center.

As the university’s marine laboratory, the DMC brings unique strengths and opportunities to UMaine by virtue of its waterfront facilities, resident expertise, and partnerships with marine businesses and local communities. Leslie will highlight how research, education and engagement programs at the DMC connect with scientific and societal priorities in Maine and beyond, and reflect on the role of place-based scientists in particular to help solve the challenges facing coastal communities.

On July 29 during the Center’s second seminar Dr. Damian Brady, Professor of Oceanography and Associate Director for Research and Graduate Studies with the UMaine School of Marine Sciences, will discuss the development and future of scallop aquaculture in the Gulf of Maine.Recent changes to the supply and demand of sea scallops in the U.S. has created an opportunity for Maine aquaculture farmers. Brady will discuss the challenges that Maine farmers face as they attempt to take advantage of new market dynamics, particularly as they relate to the biology and economics of sea scallop aquaculture. Brady will discuss indicators that scallop aquaculture development can diversify and add resilience to Maine’s working waterfronts.

The final seminar of the summer will take place at the Center on August 12, with Keith Kanoti, University of Maine Forest Manager. Kanoti will discuss the University of Maine Forest Office that manages 14,500 acres of forestland owned by the University of Maine and the University of Maine Foundation across the state. Kanoti will provide an overview of the University Forests, the office’s mission and forest management philosophy, and timber harvest planning processes. The discussion will include a review the Darling Marine Center forest management plan prepared in 2017 by School of Forest Resources graduate student Todd Douglass.To learn more about these talks, and how to obtain free tickets to attend in person, or to register to join virtually via Zoom, please visit the Darling Marine Center website at dmc.umaine.edu.

Founded in 1965, the Darling Marine Center’s mission is to connect people to the ocean. The Center’s researchers, staff and students work alongside fishermen, aquaculture entrepreneurs, marine industry professionals and other members of the community in Maine and around the world. More information is available at dmc.umaine.edu.


Contact: Matthew Norwood, matthew.norwood@maine.edu  207-563-8220