Please Note: These prices are current as of 1.1.17, but could change at any time. Please contact our Events Coordinator for a price quote, especially if you are submitting a grant and need prices projected into the future. Pets are not allowed in University housing.
Housing, long-term options for extended research visits
Dorm Rooms for undergraduate and graduate students
– Rates are per person, up to four people per room and include kitchen privileges. Bring your own bedding.
– Monthly rates are for 1 or 2 people.
– Some cabins accommodate up to 4 people. Kids under 10 stay free with parent.
Farm House Apartment $740/month
Wentworth Hall “Horse Barn” Apartment * $740/month
Leeman Guest House * $740/month + heat Oct-April
Willett House *
Willett House for non-research visits*
$880/month + heat Oct-April
$1,500/week (click here for details)
* Four person maximum in the Willett House, Leeman House and Horse Barn Apartment.

Housing, nightly accommodations for conferences, workshops and short stays.
Bedding and towels provided for short-term guests; make your own bed.
Students (up to four students/room)
– Without kitchen privileges (must be on a meal plan)
– With kitchen privileges
– double occupancy
– single occupancy, space permitting

Custom meal plans are available for meetings and conferences starting at $46.00/person/day for three meals.

Conference Meeting Space
Brooke Hall, Conference Center  $8.00/person/day
– Coffee breaks with baked goods are available for $4.00/person/break.

Mitchell Classroom $90/day
McAlice Classroom $130/day
Wentworth Hall “Horse Barn” Classroom $55/day

Research Laboratories
Please contact us for fees associates with use of autoclave, environmental chambers, heated flowing seawater, algal culture, etc.
$32/day, $125/week, $450/month

SCUBA Support
Air Fills $1/tank

Research Vessels
Skiff $17/hour ($10 minimum)
Silversides $29/hour
plus fuel, with trailer add $30/use
Nucella $63/hour or $448/day
$50/hour surcharge after 8 hours.
plus fuel and expenses (mooring, dock fees, remote lodging, etc.)
R/V Ira C. $1,400/day.
$700/half day
$175/hour surcharge after 8 hours.
plus fuel and expenses (mooring, dock fees, remote lodging, etc.)
Crane  $120 for one deployment and retrieval
CTD $150/day