Please Note: These prices are current as of 12.02.2022 but could change at any time. Please contact our Programs & Communications Manager for a price quote,
especially if you are submitting a grant and need prices projected into the future. Pets are not allowed in University housing.
Housing, long-term options
Dorm Rooms
– Rates are per person, up to four people per room and include kitchen privileges. Bring your own bedding. 

-Rates for Dorm Room Single







Monthly rate


Housing, family style
* Four person maximum in the Willett House, Leeman House and Horse Barn Apartment.
Farm House Apartment $972/month
Wentworth Hall “Horse Barn” Apartment * $972/month
Willett House *
Willett House* for non-research visits may be rented for $1,500/week (click here for details)$1,000/month
+ heat Oct-April
Housing, nightly accommodations
Bedding and towels provided for short-term guests; make your own bed.
Group housing up to four people/room (dorm only) $28.00/person/night
Double occupancy, space permitting $40.00/person/night
Single occupancy, space permitting $57.50/person/night

Meals (minimum 10)
– Breakfast
– Lunch
– Dinner
– Coffee/tea breaks
– Coffee/tea breaks with baked goods
– DMC Friday Morning Coffee Sponsorship (provides coffee and baked goods for a single DMC community gathering)

Conference Meeting Space
Brooke Hall, Library Classroom $8.00/person/day,
$80 minimum

Mitchell Classroom $80.00/day
McAlice Classroom $130.00/day
Wentworth Hall “Horse Barn” Classroom $80.00/day

Instruction from DMC based faculty, staff or graduate students for your visiting group Variable $100-$150/hour

Poster Printing at the DMC

(Schedule printing with the Programs & Communications Manager, at least 10 business days before you need to pick up the item).

Posters cannot have a solid background, and should be sent as a high quality PDF document formatted in the dimensions of your final product.

We have limited bandwidth to print, please be sure to check in with us well before you need an item to ensure availability.

$0.026 per square inch, plus an additional $5.00 surcharge for any poster less than 1,200 square inches.
Research Space
Research Laboratories
Includes enough space for two 4’x5′ tank stand setups (approximately 150-200 sq.ft.) and raw ambient seawater and access to the sorting tables and other common lab utilities. $32/day
Walk-in Cold room $250/month
Modified seawater Includes modified temperature, filtered, etc rate variable upon demand
Please contact us for additional fees associated with the use of autoclave, environmental chambers, heated flowing seawater, algal culture, etc.

Scientific Diving Program
All fees are per-diver
Scientific Diving Course Fee See UMaine Scientific Diving website, SMS324 Course Syllabus $700
Dive Program Fee* Includes: Dive locker space/use, emergency first aid/oxygen kits, misc. repair items., general admin./tech. support, 1 checkout dive, ‘unlimited’ air fills (Based upon ‘reasonable use’ and cylinder availability; user filled, training required) *Program Fee Waived if enrolled in SMS 324. $100/week
Equipment Rental Package Includes: regulator with alt. air source, 3-gauge console, LPI; Backplate-style BCD; Dive computer, weight belt/weights. Equipment availability is limited. $100/week
$350/semester (3 months)
Equipment Rental  Weights only $25/week
$100/semester (3 months)
Divers for Hire Please contact crigaud@maine.edu to discuss possible services. $250

Research Vessels
Skiff $17/hour ($10 minimum)
Silversides $29/hour
plus fuel, with trailer add $30/use
Nucella $63/hour or $448/day
$50/hour surcharge after 8 hours.
plus fuel and expenses (mooring, dock fees, remote lodging, etc.)
R/V Ira C. $1,400/day.
$700/half day
$175/hour surcharge after 8 hours.
plus fuel (approximately 1 gallon diesel per mile) and expenses (mooring, dock fees, remote lodging, etc.)
Crane  $120 for one deployment and retrieval
CTD $150/day

 Motor Pool Vehicles
 DMC Subaru Forester  $0.18/mile plus $38/day
 4×4 Pick-up Truck  $0.38/mile plus $50/day