Data Sets & Technical Reports

Online access to data sets and reports from the DMC.

List of Publications from DMC Based Researchers

A list of all publications from DMC based faculty and researchers from the 1960 through today.  Please contact us at if you have additions you would like us to make.

Temperature & Chlorophyll Data
DMC faculty have collected temperature and chlorophyll data from the DMC dock since 2002. These data can be found at the Perry Phytoplankton & Optics Lab web site.

American Lobster Settlement Index (ALSI)
Dr. Rick Wahle’s laboratory is active in a long-term monitoring program of lobster nurseries across New England and Atlantic Canada and measures the strength of each year class. The American Lobster Settlement Index (ALSI) is a compilation of this data and available via the Wahle Lab web page.

Hydrographic Survey Data from the Kennebec, Sheepscot & Damariscotta Rivers
Data from a Maine-New Hampshire Sea Grant study assessing hydrography, nutrient regimes, planktonic populations, and suspended particulates in three midcoast estuaries that vary in river discharge.
Mayer et al. 1996 Kennebec, Sheepscot and Damariscotta River Estuaries: Seasonal Oceanographic Data. University of Miane, Department of Oceanography Technical Report No. 9601.

2014 MCOA Report
The Maine Coastal Observing Alliance (MCOA) is a consortium of local citizen groups sharing resources and expertise to gain a regional perspective of estuarine water quality. In its first sampling season – late summer and fall of 2014 – MCOA monitored several indicators of estuarine health, including pH, Secchi depth (a measure of transparency), dissolved oxygen and total nitrogen. The results of this initial effort are compiled in this Estuarine Monitoring Program Summary Report 2014. Kathleen Thornton, Larry Mayer, Jeff Runge and Lili Pugh of the DMC served as advisors to the group.

SEANET Buoy Data

2015-2016: Data from the large buoy at the mouth of the Damariscotta River

2015-2022: Data from the LOBO buoys in the Damariscotta River.

New buoy systems will be up and running, collecting real time data by Spring 2024.

Local Species
This DMC species list includes marine species reported by DMC researchers in the Damariscotta River Estuary and other areas of the Gulf of Maine. It is not intended to be a complete species list for the Gulf of Maine. Additional groups will be added as they are compiled.

Local Habitats
Maine’s midcoast has many marine environments for the inquisitive marine scientist or budding naturalist. In our immediate area we have bold rocky coasts, sandy beaches, quiet mudflats, estuaries and open ocean. More details can be found here.