Species list

Local Species

This DMC species list includes marine species reported by DMC researchers in the Damariscotta River Estuary and other areas in the Gulf of Maine. It is not intended to be a complete species list for the Gulf of Maine. Additional groups will be added as they are compiled.

Kingdom: Animalia

Annelida Hirudinea Enchytraeus albidus
Annelida Hirudinea Clitellio arenarues (=irrorata)
Annelida Hirudinea Unidentified
Annelida Oligochaeta Unidentified
Annelida Polychaeta Lumbrineris acuta
Annelida Polychaeta Ampharete acutifrons
Annelida Polychaeta Scoloplos acutus
Annelida Polychaeta Flabelligera affinis
Annelida Polychaeta Pherusa affinis
Annelida Polychaeta Pherusa (=Trophonia) affinis
Annelida Polychaeta Ammotrypane aulogaster
Annelida Polychaeta Streblospio benedicti
Annelida Polychaeta Ophelia bicornis
Annelida Polychaeta Spirorbis borealis
Annelida Polychaeta Nephtys bucera
Annelida Polychaeta Nephtys caeca
Annelida Polychaeta Capitella capitata
Annelida Polychaeta Glycera capitata
Annelida Polychaeta Travisia carnea
Annelida Polychaeta Nephtys ciliata
Annelida Polychaeta Aglaophomus circinata
Annelida Polychaeta Cirratulus cirratus
Annelida Polychaeta Gattyana cirrosa
Annelida Polychaeta Spinther citrinus
Annelida Polychaeta Dodecaceria coralii
Annelida Polychaeta Mellina cristata
Annelida Polychaeta Hydroides dianthus (=uncinata)
Annelida Polychaeta Glycera dibranchiata
Annelida Polychaeta Nereis diversicolor
Annelida Polychaeta Pygospio elegans
Annelida Polychaeta Pygospio (=Spio) elegans (=rathbuni)
Annelida Polychaeta Maldanopsis (=Maldane) elongata
Annelida Polychaeta Autolytus emertoni
Annelida Polychaeta Polycirrus eximius
Annelida Polychaeta Harmothoe extenuata
Annelida Polychaeta Autolytus fasciatus
Annelida Polychaeta Laetmonice filicornis
Annelida Polychaeta Spio filicornis
Annelida Polychaeta Heteromastus filiformis
Annelida Polychaeta Amphicteis (=Hypaniola) floridus (=grayi)
Annelida Polychaeta Eusyllis fragilis
Annelida Polychaeta Lumbrineris fragilis
Annelida Polychaeta Scoloplos (=Haploscoloplos) fragilis
Annelida Polychaeta Odontosyllis fulgurans
Annelida Polychaeta Pectinaria (=Cistenides) gouldii
Annelida Polychaeta Brada granosa
Annelida Polychaeta Pectinaria granulata
Annelida Polychaeta Phyllodoce groentandica
Annelida Polychaeta Exogone hebes
Annelida Polychaeta Tomopteris helgolandica
Annelida Polychaeta Eteone heteropoda
Annelida Polychaeta Histriobdella homari
Annelida Polychaeta Harmothoe imbricata
Annelida Polychaeta Nephtys incisa
Annelida Polychaeta Scalibregma inflatum
Annelida Polychaeta Myxicola infundibulum
Annelida Polychaeta Eteone lactea (=alba)
Annelida Polychaeta Polydora ligni
Annelida Polychaeta Eteone longa
Annelida Polychaeta Nephtys longisetosa
Annelida Polychaeta Nicomache lumbricalis
Annelida Polychaeta Phyllodoce maculata
Annelida Polychaeta Aglaophomus malmgreni
Annelida Polychaeta Loimia medusa
Annelida Polychaeta Phyllodoce mucosa
Annelida Polychaeta Asabellides oculata
Annelida Polychaeta Orbinia (=Aricia) ornata
Annelida Polychaeta Nereis pelagica
Annelida Polychaeta Autolytus prismaticus
Annelida Polychaeta Naineris quadricuspida
Annelida Polychaeta Potamilla reniformis
Annelida Polychaeta Scoloplos robustus
Annelida Polychaeta Euchone rubrocincta
Annelida Polychaeta Fabricia (=Amphicora) sabella
Annelida Polychaeta Enoplobranchus (=Chaetobranchus) sanguineus
Annelida Polychaeta Sternaspis scutata
Annelida Polychaeta Tomopteris septentrionalis
Annelida Polychaeta Spio setosa
Annelida Polychaeta Aglaophomus sp.
Annelida Polychaeta Arenicola sp.
Annelida Polychaeta Autolytus sp.
Annelida Polychaeta Eteone sp.
Annelida Polychaeta Glycera sp.
Annelida Polychaeta Harmothoe sp.
Annelida Polychaeta Nephtys sp.
Annelida Polychaeta Nereis sp.
Annelida Polychaeta Pherusa sp.
Annelida Polychaeta Phyllodoce sp.
Annelida Polychaeta Polycirrus sp.
Annelida Polychaeta Polydora sp.
Annelida Polychaeta Prionospio sp.
Annelida Polychaeta Spirorbis spirillum
Annelida Polychaeta Scolelepis squamata
Annelida Polychaeta Lepidonotus squamatus
Annelida Polychaeta Prionospio steenstrupi
Annelida Polychaeta Terebellides stroemi
Annelida Polychaeta Nereis succinea
Annelida Polychaeta Lumbrineris tenuis
Annelida Polychaeta Eteone trilineata
Annelida Polychaeta Nicolea venustula
Annelida Polychaeta Brada villosa
Annelida Polychaeta Nereis virens
Annelida Polychaeta Eulalia viridis
Annelida Polychaeta Scolecolepides viridis
Annelida Polychaeta Unidentified ampharetids
Annelida Polychaeta Unidentified nereids, phyllodocids, and syllids
Annelida Polychaeta Unidentified spionids
Annelida Polychaete Autolytus cornutus
Annelida Polychaete Cirratulus grandis
Annelida Polychaete Aphrodita hastata (=aculeata)
Annelida Polychaete Arabella iricolor (=opalina)
Annelida Polychaete Arenicola marina
Annelida Polychaete Amphitrite ornata
Annelida Polychaete Ampharete sp.
Annilida Polychaeta Syllis gracilis
Arthropoda Agnatha Petromyzon marinus
Arthropoda Arachnida Halicarus sp.
Arthropoda Branchiopoda Podon leuckarti
Arthropoda Branchiopoda Bosmina longirostris
Arthropoda Branchiopoda Evadne nordmanni
Arthropoda Branchiopoda Podon polyphemoides
Arthropoda Branchiopoda Podon sp.
Arthropoda Branchiopoda Evadne spinifera
Arthropoda Digenea Unidentified cercaria larvae
Arthropoda Insecta Anurida maritima
Arthropoda Insecta Trichocera stylata
Arthropoda Malacostraca Melphidippa borealis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Stenothoe sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Gammarus daiberi
Arthropoda Malacostraca Dulichia falcata
Arthropoda Malacostraca Spirontocaris liljeborgii
Arthropoda Malacostraca Neomysis mirabilis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Pleustes panoplus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Spirontocaris phippsii
Arthropoda Malacostraca Ampelisca abdita
Arthropoda Malacostraca Pagurus acadianus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Tiron acanthurus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Corophium acherusicum
Arthropoda Malacostraca Corophium acutum
Arthropoda Malacostraca Ampelisca aequicornis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Campylaspis affinis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Ampelisca agassizi
Arthropoda Malacostraca Metopa alderi
Arthropoda Malacostraca Neomysis americana
Arthropoda Malacostraca Homarus americanus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Leucon americanus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Leptostylis ampullacea
Arthropoda Malacostraca Ischyrocerus anguipes
Arthropoda Malacostraca Gammarellus angulosus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Metopella angusta
Arthropoda Malacostraca Hyas araneus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Pagurus arcuatus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Haustorius arenarius
Arthropoda Malacostraca Paramphithoe assimilis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Callianassa atlantica
Arthropoda Malacostraca Idotea balthica
Arthropoda Malacostraca Casco bigelowi
Arthropoda Malacostraca Nebalia bipes
Arthropoda Malacostraca Corophium bonelli
Arthropoda Malacostraca Cancer borealis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Metopa borealis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Pandalus borealis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Ericthonius brasiliensis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Chiridotea caeca
Arthropoda Malacostraca Corophium crassicorne
Arthropoda Malacostraca Syrrhoe crenulata
Arthropoda Malacostraca Parametopella cypris
Arthropoda Malacostraca Maera danae
Arthropoda Malacostraca Petalosarsia declivis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Ampelisca declivitatis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Eudorellopsis deformis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Melita dentata
Arthropoda Malacostraca Gammarus deubeni
Arthropoda Malacostraca Uniciola dissimilis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Eudorella emarginata
Arthropoda Malacostraca Libinia emarginata
Arthropoda Malacostraca Erythrops erythrophthalma
Arthropoda Malacostraca Eualus fabricii
Arthropoda Malacostraca Jassa falcata
Arthropoda Malacostraca Pontoporeia femorata
Arthropoda Malacostraca Praunus flexuosus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Heteromysis formosa
Arthropoda Malacostraca Halirages fulvocinctus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Byblis gaimardi
Arthropoda Malacostraca Eualus gaimardii
Arthropoda Malacostraca hyperia galba
Arthropoda Malacostraca Pleusymtes glaber
Arthropoda Malacostraca Melphidippa goesi
Arthropoda Malacostraca Stenopleustes gracilis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Argissa hamatipes
Arthropoda Malacostraca Rhithropanopeus harrisii
Arthropoda Malacostraca Phoxocephalus holbolli
Arthropoda Malacostraca Proboloides holmesi
Arthropoda Malacostraca Pontogeneia inermis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Stenopleustes inermis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Uniciola inermis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Corophium insidiosum
Arthropoda Malacostraca Monoculodes intermedius
Arthropoda Malacostraca Unciola irrorata
Arthropoda Malacostraca Uniciola irrorata
Arthropoda Malacostraca Cancer irroratus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Corophium lacustre
Arthropoda Malacostraca Calliopius laeviusculus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Gammarus lawrencianus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Dichelopandalus leptocerus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Limnoria lignorum
Arthropoda Malacostraca Anonyx liljeborgi
Arthropoda Malacostraca Caprella linearis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Gammarus locusta
Arthropoda Malacostraca Pagurus longicarpus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Aeginina longicornis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Calocaris macandreae
Arthropoda Malacostraca Ampelisca macrocephala
Arthropoda Malacostraca Photis macrocoxa
Arthropoda Malacostraca Carcinus maenas
Arthropoda Malacostraca Lithodes maia
Arthropoda Malacostraca Jaera marina
Arthropoda Malacostraca Jassa marmorata
Arthropoda Malacostraca Hyperoche medusarum
Arthropoda Malacostraca Pseudoleptocuma minor
Arthropoda Malacostraca Orchomenella minuta
Arthropoda Malacostraca Stenothoe minuta
Arthropoda Malacostraca Diaptomus minutus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Mysis mixta
Arthropoda Malacostraca Mysis (=Michtheimysis) mixta
Arthropoda Malacostraca Dulichia monacantha
Arthropoda Malacostraca Pandalus montagui
Arthropoda Malacostraca Gammarus mucronatus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Pasiphaea multidentata
Arthropoda Malacostraca Hyale nilssoni
Arthropoda Malacostraca Psammonyx nobilis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Anonyx nugax
Arthropoda Malacostraca Marinogannarus obtusatus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Gammarus oceanicus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Aegathoa oculata
Arthropoda Malacostraca Gammarus palustris
Arthropoda Malacostraca Idotea phosphorea
Arthropoda Malacostraca Leptocheirus pinguis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Orchomenella pinguis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Orchestia platensis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Cyathura polita
Arthropoda Malacostraca Diastylis polita
Arthropoda Malacostraca Dulichia porrecta
Arthropoda Malacostraca Harpinia propingua
Arthropoda Malacostraca Aega psora
Arthropoda Malacostraca Pagurus pubescens
Arthropoda Malacostraca Palaemonetes pugio
Arthropoda Malacostraca Eudorella pusilla
Arthropoda Malacostraca Eualus pusiolus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Eualus pusiolus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Lamprops quadriplicata
Arthropoda Malacostraca Diastylis quadrispinosa
Arthropoda Malacostraca Chaceon quinquedens
Arthropoda Malacostraca Ampithoe rubricata
Arthropoda Malacostraca Ericthonius rubricornis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Acanthonotozoma rusanovae
Arthropoda Malacostraca Callinectes sapidus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Anonyx sarsi
Arthropoda Malacostraca Sabinea sarsii
Arthropoda Malacostraca Leptochelia savignyi
Arthropoda Malacostraca Diastylis sculpta
Arthropoda Malacostraca Crangon septemspinosus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Byblis serrata
Arthropoda Malacostraca Oxyurostylis smithi
Arthropoda Malacostraca Ampelisca sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Ampithoe sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Anonyx sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Callianassa sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Caprella sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Corophium sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Diastylis sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Dulichia sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Eudorella sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Gammarellus sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Gammarus sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Harpinia sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Idotea sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Marinogammarus sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Melphidippa sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Metopa sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Monoculodes sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Mysis sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Orchestia sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Pagurus sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Prodajus sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Stenothoe sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Unciola sp.
Arthropoda Malacostraca Pleurogonium spinosissimum
Arthropoda Malacostraca Spirontocaris spinus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Mancocuma stellifera
Arthropoda Malacostraca Mysis stenolepis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Mysis (=Michtheimysis) stenolepis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Marinogannarus stoerensis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Lafystius sturionis
Arthropoda Malacostraca Dexamine thea
Arthropoda Malacostraca Gammarus tigrinus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Edotea triloba
Arthropoda Malacostraca Corophium tuberculatum
Arthropoda Malacostraca Monoculodes tuberculatus
Arthropoda Malacostraca Haploops tubicola
Arthropoda Malacostraca Chiridotea tuftsi
Arthropoda Malacostraca Paradulichia typica
Arthropoda Malacostraca Ampelisca vadorum
Arthropoda Malacostraca Ampithoe valida
Arthropoda Malacostraca Corophium volutator
Arthropoda Malacostraca Unidentified aegids, dajids, and isopods
Arthropoda Maxillo Unidentified ostracods
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Zaus abbreviatus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Eurytemora affinis
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Lepas anatifera
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Candacia armata
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Balanus balanoides
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Balanus balanus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Centropages bradyi
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Harpacticus chelifer
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Acartia clausi
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Pseudodiaptomus coronatus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Balanus crenatus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Parathalestris croni
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Tortanus discaudatus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Monstrillopsis dubia
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Balanus eburneus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Balanus eburneus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Eucalanus elongatus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Paeon elongatus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Pseudocalanus elongatus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Lepas fascicularis
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Calanus finmarchicus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Chthamalus fragilis
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Tisbe furcata
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Thalestris gibba
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Centropages hamatus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Monstrilla helgolandica
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Eurytemora herdmani
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Eurytemora hirundoides
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Acartia hudsonica
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Calanus hyperboreus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Balanus improvisus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Parathalestris jacksoni
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Eurytemora lacustris
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Metridia longa
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Monstrilla longicornis
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Temora longicornis
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Acartia longiremis
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Monstrilla longiremis
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Metridia lucens
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Rhincalanus nasutus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Ectinosoma neglectum
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Pseudocalanus newmani
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Euchaeta norvegica
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Microsetella norvegica
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Peltogaster paguri
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Paracalanus parvus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Parapagurus pitosimanus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Microcalanus pusillus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Microcalanus pygmaeus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Bradyidius similis
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Oithona similis
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Argulus sp.
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Derocheilocaris sp.
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Acartia tonsa
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Centropages typicus
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Harpacticus uniremis
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Cyclaspis varians
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Dactylopusia vulgaris
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Of uncertain position Hansen’s nauplius, Type Y
Arthropoda Maxillopoda Unidentified cyclopoids
Arthropoda Ophiuroidea Ophiopholis aculeata
Arthropoda Pycnogonida Nymphon sp.
Arthropoda Pycnogonida Pseudopallene circularis
Arthropoda Pycnogonida Phoxochilidium femoratum
Arthropoda Pycnogonida Phoxichilidium femoratum (=maxillare)
Arthropoda Pycnogonida Nymphon grossipes
Arthropoda Pycnogonida Nymphon hirtipes
Arthropoda Pycnogonida Anoplodactylus lentus
Arthropoda Pycnogonida Nymphon longitarse
Arthropoda Pycnogonida Nymphon rubrum
Arthropoda Pycnogonida Nymphon sp.
Arthropoda Pycnogonida Achelia spinosa
Arthropoda Pycnogonids Unidentified pycnogonids
Arthropoda Xiphosurida (Merostomata) Limulus (=Xiphosura) polyphemus
Brachiopoda Articulata Terebratulina septentrionalis
Chaetognatha Sagittoidea Sagitta (Parasagitta) elegans
Chordata Actinopterygii Gasterosteus aculeatus
Chordata Actinopterygii Tautogolabrus adspersus
Chordata Actinopterygii Myoxocephalus aeneus
Chordata Actinopterygii Scophthalmus aguosus
Chordata Actinopterygii Ammodytes americanus
Chordata Actinopterygii Hemitripterus americanus
Chordata Actinopterygii Macrozoarces americanus
Chordata Actinopterygii Pseudopleuronectes americanus
Chordata Actinopterygii Liparis atlanticus
Chordata Actinopterygii Merluccius bilinearis
Chordata Actinopterygii Enchelyopus cimprius
Chordata Actinopterygii Liparis coheni
Chordata Actinopterygii Pholis gunnellus
Chordata Actinopterygii Clupea harengus harengus
Chordata Actinopterygii Fundulus heteroclitus
Chordata Actinopterygii Lumpenus lampretaeformis
Chordata Actinopterygii Cyclopterus lumpus
Chordata Actinopterygii Cryptacanthodes maculatus
Chordata Actinopterygii Lumpenus maculatus
Chordata Actinopterygii Menidia menidia
Chordata Actinopterygii Aspidophoroides monopterygius
Chordata Actinopterygii Osmerus mordax
Chordata Actinopterygii Gadus morhua
Chordata Actinopterygii Triglops murrayi
Chordata Actinopterygii Conger oceanicus
Chordata Actinopterygii Myoxocephalus octodecemspinosus
Chordata Actinopterygii Tautoga onitis
Chordata Actinopterygii Hippoglossoides platessoides
Chordata Actinopterygii Alosa pseudoharengus
Chordata Actinopterygii Pungitius pungitius
Chordata Actinopterygii Liopsetta putnami
Chordata Actinopterygii Apeltes quadracus
Chordata Actinopterygii Myoxocephalus scorpius
Chordata Actinopterygii Ammodytes sp.
Chordata Actinopterygii Ulvaria subbifurcata
Chordata Actinopterygii Microgadus tomcod
Chordata Actinopterygii Brevoortia tyrranus
Chordata Actinopterygii Tagella (=Membranipora) unicornis
Chordata Actinopterygii Pollachius virens
Chordata Actinopterygii Gasterosteus wheatlandi
Chordata Appendicularia Fritillaria borealis
Chordata Appendicularia Oikopleura labradoriensis
Chordata Appendicularia Fritillaria sp.
Chordata Appendicularia Oikopleura sp.
Chordata Ascidiacea Didemnum albidum
Chordata Ascidiacea Lissoclinum aureum
Chordata Ascidiacea Ascicia (=Phallusia) callosa
Chordata Ascidiacea Dendrodoa (=Styelopsis) carnea
Chordata Ascidiacea Molgula citrina
Chordata Ascidiacea Molgula complanata (=papillosa)
Chordata Ascidiacea Styela (=Tethyum) coriacea
Chordata Ascidiacea Boltenia echinata
Chordata Ascidiacea Aplidium glabrum
Chordata Ascidiacea Ciona intestinalis
Chordata Ascidiacea Botrylloides leachi
Chordata Ascidiacea Molgula manhattensis
Chordata Ascidiacea Boltenia ovifera
Chordata Ascidiacea Halocynthia pyriformis
Chordata Ascidiacea Botryllus schlosseri
Chordata Ascidiacea Molgula siphonalis (=pannosa)
Chordata Thaliacea Thetys vagina
Cnidaria Anthozoa Cerianthus borealis
Cnidaria Anthozoa Halcampa duodecimcirrata (=farinacea)
Cnidaria Anthozoa Edwardsia elegans
Cnidaria Anthozoa Haliplanella (=Sagartia) luciae
Cnidaria Anthozoa Peachia (=Bicidium) parasiticum
Cnidaria Anthozoa Metridium senile (=dianthus)
Cnidaria Anthozoa Tealia (=Urticina) sp
Cnidaria Anthozoa Bunodes stella
Cnidaria Anthozoa Bolocera tuediae
Cnidaria Anthozoa Nematostella vectensis
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Eudendrium album
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Halecium articulosum
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Phialidium bicophorum
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Melicertum campanula
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Nanomia cara
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Podocoryne carnea
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Podocoryne carnea
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Obelia commissuralis
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Tubularia crocea
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Sertularia cupressina argentea
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Tiaropsis diademata
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Obelia dichotoma
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Aglantha digitalis
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Hydractinia echinata
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Sarsia eximia
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Campanularia flexiosa
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Laomedea flexuosa
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Tima formosa
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Hartlaubella gelatinosa
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Obelia geniculata
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Cuspidella humilis
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Phialidium languidum
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Tubularia larynx
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Clava leptostyla
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Obelia longissima
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Gonothyraea loveni
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Tiaropsis milticirrata
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Laomedea neglecta
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Rathkea octopynctata
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Acaulis primarius
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Hybocodon prolifera
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Dynamena pumila
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Opercularella pumila
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Sertularia pumila
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Diphasia rosacea
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Eudendrium sp.
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Halecium sp.
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Bougainvillia superciliaris
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Schizotricha tenella
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Tubularia tenella
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Sarsia tubulosa
Cnidaria Hydrozoa Sarsia (=Syncornyne) tubulosa (=mirablis)
Cnidaria Scyphozoa Haliclystus auricula
Cnidaria Scyphozoa Aurelia aurita
Cnidaria Scyphozoa Cyanea capillata
Cnidaria Scyphozoa Rathkea octopunctata
Cnidaria Scyphozoa Lucernaria quadricornis
Ctenophora Nuda Beroe cucumis
Ctenophora Tentaculata Bolinopsis infundibulum
Ctenophora Tentaculata Pleurobrachia pileus
Echinodermata Asteroidea Ctenodiscus crispatus
Echinodermata Asteroidea Solaster endeca
Echinodermata Asteroidea Asterias forbesi
Echinodermata Asteroidea Crossaster (=Solaster) papposus
Echinodermata Asteroidea Hippasteria phrygiana
Echinodermata Asteroidea Henricia sanguinolenta
Echinodermata Asteroidea Asterias (=Leptasterias) tenera
Echinodermata Asteroidea Asterias vulgaris
Echinodermata Echinoidea Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis
Echinodermata Echinoidea Echinarachnius parma
Echinodermata Holothuroidea Psolus fabricii
Echinodermata Holothuroidea Cucumaria frondosa
Echinodermata Holothuroidea Chiridota laevis
Echinodermata Holothuroidea Psolus phantapus
Echinodermata Holothuroidea Leptosynapta tenuis (inhaerens)
Echinodermata Ophiuroidea Ohpiopholis aculeata
Echinodermata Ophiuroidea Gorgonocephalus arcticus (=agassizi)
Echinodermata Ophiuroidea Amiphipholis (=Amphiura) squamata
Echinodermata Osteichthyes Anguilla rostrata
Echiura Echiuridae Echiurus pallasi
Ectoprocta Gymnolaemata Tubulipora (=Idmonea) altantica
Ectoprocta Gymnolaemata Cribrilina annulata
Ectoprocta Gymnolaemata Umbonula (=Mucronella) arctica (=pavonella)
Ectoprocta Gymnolaemata Schizomavella auriculata
Ectoprocta Gymnolaemata Pyripora catenularia
Ectoprocta Gymnolaemata Crisia eburnea
Ectoprocta Gymnolaemata Flustrellidra (=Flustrella) hispida
Ectoprocta Gymnolaemata Hippothoa hyalina
Ectoprocta Gymnolaemata Eucratea (=Gemellaria) loricata
Ectoprocta Gymnolaemata Dendrobeania murrayana
Ectoprocta Gymnolaemata Electra (=Membranipora) pilosa
Ectoprocta Gymnolaemata Alcyonidium polyoum (=mytili)
Ectoprocta Gymnolaemata Electra sp.
Ectoprocta Gymnolaemata Hippodiplosia (=Lepralia) sp.
Ectoprocta Gymnolaemata Unidentified cyphonaut larvae
Ectoprocta Gymnolanata Bugula simplex (=flabellata)
Ectoprocta Gymolaemata Alcyonidium parasiticum
Entoprocta Pedicellinida Pedicellina cernua
Hemichordata Enteropheusta Saccoglossus bromophrnolosus
Mollusca Amphineura Ischnochiton albus ischnochiton
Mollusca Anopla Zygeupolia sp.
Mollusca Bivalvia Anomia aculeata
Mollusca Bivalvia Tellina agilis (=tenera)
Mollusca Bivalvia Hiatella arctica
Mollusca Bivalvia Mya arenaria
Mollusca Bivalvia Macoma balthica
Mollusca Bivalvia Cardita (=Venericardia) borealis
Mollusca bivalvia Solemya borealis
Mollusca Bivalvia Siliqua costata
Mollusca Bivalvia Zirfaea crispata
Mollusca Bivalvia Crenella decussata
Mollusca Bivalvia Nucula delphinodonta
Mollusca Bivalvia Modiolus (=Volsella) demissus (=plicatulus)
Mollusca Bivalvia Ensis directus
Mollusca Bivalvia Xylophaga dorsalis
Mollusca Bivalvia Mytilus edulis
Mollusca Bivalvia Gemma gemma
Mollusca Bivalvia Crenella glandula
Mollusca Bivalvia Pandora gouldiana
Mollusca Bivalvia Thyasira gouldii
Mollusca Bivalvia Lyonsia hyalina
Mollusca Bivalvia Aequipecten irradians
Mollusca Bivalvia Aeguipecten irrandians
Mollusca Bivalvia Arctica islandica
Mollusca Bivalvia Yoldia limatula
Mollusca Bivalvia Placopecten magellanicus
Mollusca Bivalvia Mercenaria mercenaria
Mollusca Bivalvia Modiolus modiolus
Mollusca Bivalvia Modiolus (=Volsella) modiolus
Mollusca Bivalvia Pitar morrhuana (=convexa)
Mollusca Bivalvia Teredo navalis
Mollusca Bivalvia Petricola pholadiformis
Mollusca Bivalvia Cerastoderma pinnulatum
Mollusca Bivalvia Spisula (=Mactra) polynyma
Mollusca Bivalvia Nucula proxima
Mollusca Bivalvia Yoldia sapotilla
Mollusca Bivalvia Anomia simplex
Mollusca Bivalvia Spisula (=Mactra) solidissima
Mollusca Bivalvia Anomia sp.
Mollusca Bivalvia Macoma sp.
Mollusca Bivalvia Astarte subeguilatera
Mollusca Bivalvia Nucula tenius
Mollusca Bivalvia Cyrtopleura (=Barnea) truncata
Mollusca Bivalvia Astarte undata
Mollusca Bivalvia Crassostrea virginica
Mollusca Bivalvia Musculus discors
Mollusca Bivalvia Mulina lateralis
Mollusca Bivalvia Mya truncata
Mollusca Bivalvia Ostrea edulis
Mollusca Bivalvia Mactromeris polynema
Mollusca Cephalopoda Octopus (Bathypolypus) bairdii (arcticus)
Mollusca Cephalopoda Ilex (=Ommastrephes) illacebroous
Mollusca Cephalopoda Loligo pealei
Mollusca Gastropoda Ancula gibbosa
Mollusca Gastropoda Cingula aculeus
Mollusca Gastropoda Cylichna alba
Mollusca Gastropoda Onchidoris aspersa
Mollusca Gastropoda Catriona aurantia
Mollusca Gastropoda Melampus bidentatus
Mollusca Gastropoda Urosalpinx cinerea
Mollusca Gastropoda Cuthona concinna
Mollusca Gastropoda Crepidula convexa
Mollusca Gastropoda Doto coronata
Mollusca Gastropoda Idulia coronata
Mollusca Gastropoda Admete couthouyi
Mollusca Gastropoda Tergipes despectus
Mollusca Gastropoda Coryphella diversa
Mollusca Gastropoda Eubranchus exiguus
Mollusca Gastropoda Crepidula fornicata
Mollusca Gastropoda Dendronotus frondosus
Mollusca Gastropoda Onchidoris fusca
Mollusca Gastropoda Retusa (=Bulla) gouldii
Mollusca Gastropoda Margarites groenlandica
Mollusca Gastropoda Spiratella helicina
Mollusca Gastropoda Lunatia heros
Mollusca Gastropoda Velutina laevigata
Mollusca Gastropoda Nucella lapillus
Mollusca Gastropoda Palio (=Polycera) lessonii
Mollusca Gastropoda Clione limacina
Mollusca Gastropoda Littorina littorea
Mollusca Gastropoda Mitrella lunata
Mollusca Gastropoda Hydrobia minuta
Mollusca Gastropoda Puncturella noachina
Mollusca Gastropoda Nassarius obsoletus
Mollusca Gastropoda Littorina obtusata
Mollusca Gastropoda Eubranchus pallidus
Mollusca Gastropoda Aeolidia papillose
Mollusca Gastropoda Coryphella pellucida
Mollusca Gastropoda Cratena pilata
Mollusca Gastropoda Acanthodoris pilosa
Mollusca Gastropoda Crepidula plana
Mollusca Gastropoda Skeneopsis planorbis
Mollusca Gastropoda Colus pygmaeus
Mollusca Gastropoda Spiratella (=Limacina) retroversa
Mollusca Gastropoda Coryphella rufibranchialis
Mollusca Gastropoda Littorina saxatilis
Mollusca Gastropoda Odostomia (Boonea) seminuda
Mollusca Gastropoda seminuda
Mollusca Gastropoda Bulbus smithi
Mollusca Gastropoda Haminoea solitaria
Mollusca Gastropoda Coryphella stellata
Mollusca Gastropoda Colus stimpsoni
Mollusca Gastropoda Acmaea testudinalis
Mollusca Gastropoda Tectura testudinalis
Mollusca Gastropoda Hydrobia totteni
Mollusca Gastropoda Lunatia triseriata
Mollusca Gastropoda Nassarius trivittatus
Mollusca Gastropoda Buccinum undatum
Mollusca Gastropoda Lacuna vincta
Mollusca Gastropoda Pyramidella
Mollusca Gastropoda Unidentified nudibranchs
Mollusca Gastropoda Unidentified pyramidellids
Mollusca Gastropoda Neptunea lyrata decemcostata
Mollusca Polyplacophora Lepidochitonida ruber
Nemata Nematoda Unidentified nematodes
Nematomorpha Nematomorpha Nectonema agile
Nemertea Anopla Tubulanus pellucidus
Nemertea Anopla Micrura albida
Nemertea Anopla Cerebratulus lacteus
Nemertea Anopla Cephalothrix linearis
Nemertea Anopla Lineus ruber (=viridis)
Nemertea Anopla Cerebratulus sp.
Nemertea Enopla Tetrastemma candidum
Nemertea Enopla Amphiporus angulatus
Platyhelminthes Monogonanta Synchaeta triophthalma
Platyhelminthes Trematoda Cryptocotyle lingua
Platyhelminthes Turbellaria Notoplana atomata
Platyhelminthes Turbellaria Bdelloura candidum
Platyhelminthes Turbellaria Microstomum davenporti
Platyhelminthes Turbellaria Stylochue (=Planocera) elliptica
Platyhelminthes Turbellaria Euplana gracilis
Platyhelminthes Turbellaria Syncoelidium pellucidum
Platyhelminthes Turbellaria Microstomum sp.
Platyhelminthes Turbellaria Monoophorum sp.
Platyhelminthes Turbellaria Plagiostomum sp.
Platyhelminthes Turbellaria Notoplana stomata (=variabilis)
Platyhelminthes Turbellaria Procerodes wheatlandi
Porifera Calcarea Leucosolenia botryoides
Porifera Calcarea Leucosolenia botryoides
Porifera Calcarea Leucosolenia complicata
Porifera Calcarea Clathrina coriacea
Porifera Calcarea Leucosolenia lundbecki
Porifera Calcarea Leucosolenia sp.
Porifera Calcarea Sycon sp.
Porifera Demosongiae Gellius angulatus
Porifera Demosongiae Artemisina arcigera
Porifera Demosongiae Isodictya deichmannae
Porifera Demosongiae Iophon dubius
Porifera Demosongiae Halisarca dujardini
Porifera Demosongiae Lissodendoryx fragilis
Porifera Demosongiae Halichondria genitrix
Porifera Demosongiae Haliclona loosanoffi
Porifera Demosongiae Lissodendoryx lundbecki
Porifera Demosongiae Polymastia mammillaris
Porifera Demosongiae Haliclona oculata
Porifera Demosongiae Mycale placoides
Porifera Demosongiae Polymastia robusta
Porifera Demosongiae Tedania suctoria
Porifera Demosongiae Pseudosuberites sulphureus
Porifera Demosongiae Polymastia uberrima
Porifera Demospongiae Plocamia ambigua
Porifera Demospongiae Cliona celata
Porifera Demospongiae Halichondria fibrosa
Porifera Demospongiae Suberites ficus (=compacta)
Porifera Demospongiae Topsentia genitrix
Porifera Demospongiae Myxilla incrustans
Porifera Demospongiae Esperiopsis normani
Porifera Demospongiae Halichondria oculata
Porifera Demospongiae Halichondria panicea
Porifera Demospongiae Microciona prolifera
Porifera Demospongiae Hymedesmia similis
Porifera Demospongiae Eumastia (Halichondria) sitiens
Porifera Demospongiae Reniera sp.
Porifera Demospongiae Aplysilla sulphureus
Porifera Demospongiae Cliona vastifica
Priapula Priapulidae Priapulus caudatus
Rotifera Monogonanta Synchaeta baltica
Rotifera Monogonanta Keratella cochlearis
Rotifera Monogonanta Notholca foliacea
Rotifera Monogonanta Synchaeta johanseni
Rotifera Monogonanta Kellicottia longispina
Rotifera Monogonanta Keratella quadrata
Rotifera Monogonanta Keratella testudo
Rotifera Monogonanta Polyarthra vulgaris
Sipuncula Golfingiidae Golfingia gouldii

Kingdom: Monera

Cyanophycota Cyanophyceae Polycystis aeruginosa
Cyanophycota Cyanophyceae Merismopedia elegans
Cyanophycota Cyanophyceae Spirulina major
Cyanophycota Cyanophyceae Merismopedia punctata
Cyanophycota Cyanophyceae Anabaena sp.
Cyanophycota Cyanophyceae Lyngbya sp.
Cyanophycota Cyanophyceae Merismopedia sp.
Cyanophycota Cyanophyceae Oscillatoria sp.
Cyanophycota Cyanophyceae Spirulina sp.
Cyanophycota Cyanophyceae Spirulina subsalsa

Kingdom: Plantae

Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Thalassiosira aestivalis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Licmophora abbreviata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Rhoicosphenia abbreviata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Gyrosigma acuminatum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Pleurosigma aestuarii
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros affinis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Amphiprora alata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Rhizosolenia alata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Biddulphia alternans
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Stauroneis anceps
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia angularis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Pleurosigma angulatum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Grammatophora angulosa
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Thalassiosira anguste-lineata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Trigonium arcticum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Rhabdonema arcuatum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros atlanticus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Gyrosigma attenuatum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Odontella aurita
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Gyrosigma balticum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia bilobata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros borealis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Lauderia borealis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros brevis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Ditylum brightwellii
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Cyclotella caspia
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Coscinodiscus centralis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros ceratosporus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros cinctus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Meridion circulare
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia clausii
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Cylindrotheca closterium
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros compressus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros concavicornis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Coscinodiscus concinnus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Detonula confervacea
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Frajilaria constricta
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros constrictus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros convolutus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Skeletonema costatum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Corethrom criophilum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Frajilaria crotonensis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Navicula crucicula
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Haslea crucigera
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Coscinodiscus curvatulus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros curvisetus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Navicula cuspidata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros danicus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Leptocylindrus danicus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros debilis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros decipiens
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Thalassiosira decipiens
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia delicatissima
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Rhizosolenia delicatula
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Striatella delicatula
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Navicula delongei
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros diadema
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Diploneis didyma
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros didymus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros difficilis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Gyrosigma distortum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Thalassiosira eccentrica
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Campylodiscus echeneis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Pleurosigma elongatum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Rhizosolenia eriensis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia fasciculata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Gyrosigma fasciola
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Tabellaria fenestrata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Licmophora flabellata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Guinardia flaccida
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Achnanthes flexella
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Tabellaria flocculosa
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Asterionella formosa
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Pleurosigma formosum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Bacteriosira fragilis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros frangilis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Thalassiothrix frauenfeldii
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros furcellatus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Synedra gaillonii
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Surirella genna
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Asterionella glacialis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Prorsira glacialis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Cyclotella glomerata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros gracilis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Cylindrotheca gracilis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Aulacoseira granulata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Thalassiosira gravida
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Rhizosolenia hebetata forma semispina (Hensen) Gran
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Thalassiosira hyalina
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia hybridaeformis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia insignis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Aulacoseira islandica
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Aulacoseira italica
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros laciniosus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros lauderi
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Thalassiosira leptopa
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Thalassiosira levanderi
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Mastogloia lineata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Amphora lineolata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia littoralis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Achnanthes longipes
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia longissima
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Thalassiothrix longissima
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros lorenzianus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Coscinodiscus marginatus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Grammatophora marina
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Pleurosigma marinum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Dactyliosolen mediterraneus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Stauroneis membranacea
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros meulleri
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Rhizosolenia minima
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Leptocylindrus minimus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Navicula minuta
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros mitra
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Mastogloia moniliformis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Isthmia nervosa
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Thalassionema nitzschioides
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Stauroneis nobilis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Thalassiosira nordenskioeldii
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Pleurosigma normanii
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Mastogloia nummuloides
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia obtusa
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Frajilaria oceanica
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Gomphonema olivaceum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Surirella ovalis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Bacillaria paxillifer
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Cerataulina pelagica
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros pendulus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros perpusillus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia pungens
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia pungens var. atlantica
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Navicula pupula
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Coscinodiscus radiatus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Navicula rhynchocephala
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Thalassiosira rotula
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Navicula salinarum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Stauroneis salinarum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Cocceneis scutellum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Actinoptychus senarius
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros septentrionalis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia seriata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Grammatophora serpentina
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Rhizosolenia setigera
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Rhizosolenia shrubsolei
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia sigma
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia sigmoidea
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros similis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros simplex
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros socialis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Achnanthes sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Actinoptychus sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Amphiprora sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Amphora sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Asteromphalus sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Campylodiscus sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Cocconeis sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Coscinodiscus sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Cyclotella sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Cymbella sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Diatoma sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Diploneis sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Eunotia sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Fragilaria sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Gomphonema sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Gyrosigma sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Hannaea sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Hyalodiscus sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Licmophora sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Mastogloia sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Melosira sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Meridion sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Navicula sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Odontella sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Pinnularia sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Pleurosigma sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Rhabdonema sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Rhizosolenia sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Stauroneis sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Surirella sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Synedra sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Tabellaria sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Triceratium sp.
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Rhizosolenia stolterfothii
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Cyclotella striata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Gyrosigma strigilis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Pleurosigma strigosum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Rhizosolenia styliformis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros subsalsus
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros subtilis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Stephanodiscus subtilis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Thalassiosira subtilis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Paralia sulcata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros teres
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Phaeodactylum tricornutum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Navicula tripunctata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Stephanopyxis turris
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Synedra ulna
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Lithdesmium undulatum
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Striatella unipunctata
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Navicula vanhoeffeni
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Mastogloia varians
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia vermicularis
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros wighami
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Chaetoceros willei
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Gyrosigma wormleyi
Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae Eucampia zodiacus
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Scenedesmus bujuga
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Colsterium dianae
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Scenedesmus dimorphis
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Pediastrum duplex
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Dictyosphaerium pulchellum
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Crucigenia quadrata
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Scenedesmus quadricauda
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Ankistrodesmus sp.
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Arthrodesmus sp.
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Carteria sp.
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Crucigenia sp.
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Eudorina sp.
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Micrasterias sp.
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Pediastrum sp.
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Scenedesmus sp.
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Schroederia sp.
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Selenastrum sp.
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Staurastrum sp.
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Tetraedron sp.
Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Colsterium sp.
Chlorophyta Cryptophyceae Cryptomonas sp.
Chrysophyta Chrysophyceae Cyclonexis annularis
Chrysophyta Chrysophyceae Dinobryon bavaricum
Chrysophyta Chrysophyceae Dictyocha fibula
Chrysophyta Chrysophyceae Chrysosphaerella longinspina
Chrysophyta Chrysophyceae Dinobryon sertularia
Chrysophyta Chrysophyceae Dinobryon sp.
Chrysophyta Chrysophyceae Distephanus speculum
Chrysophyta Chrysophyceae Synura uvella
Chrysophyta Dinophyceae Zygabikodinium pseudooblea
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Dinophysis acuminata
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Dinophysis acuta
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Dinophysis arctica
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Ceratium arcticum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Ceratium arietinum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Gyrodinium aureolum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium bipes
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium breve
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium brevipes
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium cerasus
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium conicoides
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium conicum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium crassipes
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium curvipes
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Glenodinium danicum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium depressum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium excentricum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Glenodinium foliaceum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Ceratium furca
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Gyrodinium fusiforme
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Ceratium fusus
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Katodinium glandulum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium globlum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Amphidinium globosum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium granii
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Gymnodinium heterostriatum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Ceratium hirundinella
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Diplopsalis lenticula
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium leonis
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Ceratium lineatum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Ceratium longipes
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Ceratium macroceros
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Prorocentrum Micans
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Prorocentrum minimum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium minutum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Dinophysis norvegica
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium obtusum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium oceanicum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium ovatum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium pallidum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium pellucidum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Gyrodinium pellucidum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium pentagonum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Dissodinium pseudolunula
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Dinophysis punctata
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium roseum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Oblea rotunda
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Dinophysis rotundata
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Gymnodinium sanguineum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Gymnodinium simplex
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Amphidinium sp.
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Dinophysis sp.
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Glenodinium sp.
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Gonyaulax sp.
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Oxytoxum sp.
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Dinophysis sphaerica
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Amphidinium sphenoides
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Gonyaulax spinifera
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Protoperidinium steinii
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Alexandrium tamarense
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Prorocentrum triangulatum
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Heterocapsa triguetra
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Ceratium tripos
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Scrippsiella trochoidea
Dinoflagellata Dinophyceae Gonyaulax verior
Euglenphyta Euglenophyceae Euglena sp.
Euglenphyta Euglenophyceae Eutreptia sp.
Euglenphyta Euglenophyceae Eutreptiella sp.
Haptophyta Prymnesiophyceae Phaeocystis pouchetii
Haptophyta Prymnesiophyceae Phaeocystis sp.
Haptophyta Prymnesiophyceae Pontosphaera sp.
Prasinophyta Prasinophyceae Tetraselmis sp.
Prasinophyta Prasinophyceae Halosphaera viridis
Xanthophyta Xanthophyceae Centritractus sp.
Xanthophyta Xanthophyceae Meringosphaera sp.

Kingdom: Protist

Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis meunieri
Ciliophora Ciliatea Parafavella acuminata
Ciliophora Ciliatea Salpingella acuminata
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis acuminata
Ciliophora Ciliatea Eutintinnus apertus
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis baltica
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis beroidea
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis butschli
Ciliophora Ciliatea Strombidium calkinsi
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis campanula
Ciliophora Ciliatea Parundella caudata
Ciliophora Ciliatea Strobilidium caudatum
Ciliophora Ciliatea Strobilidium conicum
Ciliophora Ciliatea Codonellopsis contracta
Ciliophora Ciliatea Ephelota coronata
Ciliophora Ciliatea Salpingella curta
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis cylindrica
Ciliophora Ciliatea Parafavella denticulata
Ciliophora Ciliatea Strombidium diversum
Ciliophora Ciliatea Helicostomella edentata
Ciliophora Ciliatea Favella ehrenbergii
Ciliophora Ciliatea Strombidium elongatum
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnidium fluviatile
Ciliophora Ciliatea Parafavella gigantea
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis kofoidi
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis levigata
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis lobiancoi
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis minuta
Ciliophora Ciliatea Acanthostomella norvegica
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis nucula
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnus obliqua
Ciliophora Ciliatea Ptychocylis obtusa
Ciliophora Ciliatea Stenosemella oliva
Ciliophora Ciliatea Parafavella parumdentata
Ciliophora Ciliatea Eutintinnus pectinis
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis rapa
Ciliophora Ciliatea Mesodinium rubrum
Ciliophora Ciliatea Leegaardiella sol
Ciliophora Ciliatea Coxliella sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Dictyocysta sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Epipocylis sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Favella sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Laboea sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Loothamnium sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Metacylis sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Parafavella sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Rhabdonella sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Salpingella sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Stenosemella sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Strombidium sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnus sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Vorticella sp.
Ciliophora Ciliatea Strobilidium spiralis
Ciliophora Ciliatea Stenosemella steinii
Ciliophora Ciliatea Strobilidium striatum
Ciliophora Ciliatea Laboea strobila
Ciliophora Ciliatea Helicostomella subulata
Ciliophora Ciliatea Tintinnopsis tubulosoides
Ciliophora Ciliatea Ptychocylis urnula
Ciliophora Ciliatea Stenosemella ventricosa
Protozoa Ciliata Cothurnia imberbis
Sarcomastigophora Zoomastigophora Campanoeca dilitata
Sarcomastigophora Zoomastigophora Monosiga marina var. marina
Sarcomastigophora Zoomastigophora Stylobryon petrolatum
Sarcomastigophora Zoomastigophora Acanthoeca sp.
Sarcomastigophora Zoomastigophora Monosiga sp.
Sarcomastigophora Zoomastigophora Salpingoeca sp.
Sarcomastigophora Zoomastigophora Acanthoeca spectabilis
Sarcomastigophora Zoomastigophora Bicosta spinifera