Mission & Vision

Since its founding in 1965, the Darling Marine Center has been an active center of marine research, education, and community engagement and outreach. In addition to supporting university research and education, the DMC also actively engages with fishermen, aquaculture entrepreneurs, and other marine industry professionals and community members through collaborative research, workforce development, and business incubation programs.

As the University of Maine’s marine laboratory, our mission is to connect people to the ocean by generating and sharing knowledge of coastal and marine ecosystems and the human communities that are part of them.

As we look ahead to our next 50 years, we envision that the DMC will be an internationally recognized center for marine research, education, and engagement. The DMC will enable scientific discovery and help sustain coastal communities, ecosystems, and economies in Maine and beyond. Through strategic investments in infrastructure, programs, and people over the next 10 years, the DMC will expand its impacts on the scientists, students, and communities that we serve.

We invite you to give our Strategic Plan a close read, and share your ideas about how we can deepen the DMC’s contributions to knowledge of how our oceans work and to the health of coastal ecosystems and economies  in Maine and beyond.